I stopped by at Dollar Tree last week when I bought a gift wrapper for the Baby shower present that Triz and I were wrapping and I’ve come across this spatula set by the kitchen section which I grabbed right away for our baking needs.


For only $1, I thought, why not, right?

But the husband warned me when I showed it to him saying that it’s not worth it because it’s not going to be durable and sturdy, as the price presents. Lol Well, I didn’t listen to him. And sure enough, after I opened it upon reaching home, he was right. The handle was so thin and seems so breakable and because it’s already here, I just reckoned it will be good enough for the little hands of the 5-year-old baker. She sure loved it when I let her used it last night as we made our Nutty Banana Bread! 😉

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