Yay, summer! After school was over for us, we can’t wait to start celebrating the summertime! We don’t have our golf clubs ready yet, but we have already received a couple of invites from friends here in town who are members of the city golf and country club so we look forward to that. It will be my second time playing golf and although I am excited, it is the daughter who is the most excited among us.

The husband has checked out golfing gears and accessories that we could use including golf putters and he has thought of getting our family a membership to the golf country club so that we could get to regularly enjoy golfing whenever we wish to.

For all of you golfers out there, if you need new golf gears and accessories, where do you buy them? I am sure you know that there are good sales to take advantage of when you check out sporting stores near you but recently, I have learned that a particular online store that sells exclusive golf club and accessories are worth checking out. Clevelandgolf.com it is and you might want to check it out if you are into golfing.