The other day, I rushed to Walmart to buy gallons of Nursery Purified Water for my little T for her formula and her H2O supply and I didn’t intend to stay long inside since there was no plan of wandering around but on my way to the counter, I passed by the clearance rack and noticed a lot of t-shirts by the $3 and $5 marking so I browsed for some that might be of my liking. Sure enough, I got myself 2-$3-priced and 3-$5-priced which I found to be perfect for the summer!

Call it impromptu wants. I initially timed myself to only be at the store for less than an hour and when I got home, Triz exclaimed I did an excellent job for having bought so many stuff in just a short time that I was gone. Lol.


This afternoon, one of the mails I got was a box from Aeropostale. The contents? Some summer shirts that I also shopped online last weekend using a coupon that saved me lots.  Two shirts for the husband and three for me.

Summer shirts are now ready here in my closet! I can only wish that the warm temperatures shall remain every day for us.

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