I appreciate the guest post, Ignacio Phillips

Being an executive assistant form many years, I have been asked to handle many obstacles when it comes to technology. I walked away of my job years ago to become a full time stay at home mom. I had developed great friendships during my career and I had the privilege of working for a great broker. Surprisingly, she called me up a few days ago in a stressful and heated panic over her IT issues. With no budget to hire someone like myself but desperate for help, I was happy to tell her about the website www.t1internet.net. As great as she is at networking and closing deals, she cannot handle the nuts and bolts that make a company run. I affectionately call it technologically challenged. I am happy to guide her in the right direction. She certainly deserves to have a company simplify her life without taking her to the bank. I can at least get a chance to wear a nice dress and have a great grown up lunch with her. Boy, do I miss those!