For my second day of the Thanksgiving Series, I am a thankful soul for being blessed with extra resources in forms of money for my wants. Like for example, this $50 worth of Amazon gift card that I got as a reward for a membership from MyPoints.

Mypoints rewards

Store gift cards, checks I receive from companies I work with online, and Paypal cash that are sent to my account in in exchange for some nice and somewhat uneasy tasks that I do in my online rackets– they are the extra resources that I am thankful for. They are my means to buy the things that I want and to buy treats for others. My husband’s job is our family’s main source of income and we have been tightening our budget because of so many expenses that we have but I am blessed with skills and abilities to make use of my time online enabling me to be gifted with extra resources.

Ah… it’s awesome counting the blessings I have so far!

329/365 BPC

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