Today is Christmas Day, as the calendar says it and as the world celebrates it. So to all of you, Merry Christmas!

Also, today, being the 25th of December, is the very birthday of Momi Jess, the December BPC host, so with that, I want to greet her a very happy birthday! Isn’t it awesome to be celebrating on the date that the world celebrates Christ’s birthday as well?

Today, all of you must be really busy opening presents underneath your trees. For kids, this is the most awaited day because of those precious stuff that will be unwrapped today. So, what did you get for Christmas, friends?

If you ask my daughter Triz, she would say, “My mom got me the Kindle as her early Christmas present last October. She and my Dad got me all of the things that I need and some that I want all year round. I got my baby sister last summer. I have lots of love in my heart, kisses to give, and more love. The best of all though is that I got Jesus!”

And then, she got her most desired McKinley Bobcat shirt last week!


My super happy kiddo!

I ordered it online and wrapped it when it got delivered. She didn’t know that the wrapped present was the shirt so when she saw it, she said she’ll wait till December 25 to open it, along with the other presents we got for her. However, I told her that she need not wait for a particular date to open it and when she later agreed, she decided to find out what was inside. To her joy, it was her school shirt!


The back of the shirt

And she was the most grateful recipient thanking me endlessly and telling me how much she loves it. I asked her if there is something else she wants for Christmas but she said nothing else as she has everything she needed. Yes, I have a contented daughter around here! 🙂

My 311th of the 360/366 BPC
Six more days before the BPC 2012 will be over!