Contributed by Milford Woods


My cousin is always talking about a program she watches on called The Voice. She posts about it all the time on Facebook, and talks about it in her emails to me. And, somehow it always get into our conversations when we are on the phone. One day when I was over at her house she forced me into watching a recorded program of The Voice. I discovered that I really like all of the judges on the show. It is a competitive singing show kind of like American Idol, but with a different swing to it. And, I think the judges are awesome. You have Blake Shelton who is married to Miranda Lambert and is a great country singer. Then there is former mouseketeer, Christina Aguilera. She can definitely sing anything that she wants to sing. Cee Lo Green is not only a great singer, but also a great record producer. Then last but not least is Adam Levine who sings that song Moves Like Jagger from the group Maroon 5. Let me just say looking at him is totally worth my time. So I guess now I can say I am a fan of the show. I understand where my cousin was coming from.