Hooray for more new clothes for Triz! Yep, she got another set of new outfits on her 6th birthday. Aside from the ones that I regularly buy for her, our very good friend in Illinois, at our old place, sent her a bag of new clothing and a birthday card for this 5-year-old retiree!


And of course, Triz was an ecstatic recipient! It’s one of those moments when she would feel so surprised because this girl is not the type who would be expecting something on her birthday. She is not the type who would ask for something either. When friends and loved ones ask her what she wants on her birthday, she would always say “Nothing. Daddy and Mamang buy me stuff that I need and I want so I don’t want anything from others.” But of course, she would be delighted to be given without her knowing beforehand.

And Tita Sheila is so good at surprising her. The last time they saw each other was in December 2010, when we went down to Illinois for the husband’s Ph.D. graduation and this is a snap of them:


Tita Sheila and then 4-year-old Triz

Fast forward to 19 months later, Triz is now a little lady when she turned 6 years old! Yay!


I am still trying to gather up all of the birthday photos I have taken over a week ago when we celebrated this girl’s 6th birthday. I have a lot of fun memories and happy smiles to share; I hope this is just the first. Triz is so thankful to Tita Sheila for her birthday presents. And thanks to our friends The Nikolov’s, too, for bringing this bagful of goodies all the way from Illinois!

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