Okay, you will bear with me if I’ll whine about how ugly and bloated I look now as I deal with the remaining days of my pregnancy, won’t you? He he. Actually, I don’t enjoy looking at my own face in the mirror. Ha ha ha. I look so big and feel so un-beautiful these days! Plus, Ate Triz teases me with her song “If you’re pregnant and you know it, you are fat!” Lol. It is but a consolation that the husband assured me each single day that I still am the most beautiful person in his eyes. Ekk! He doesn’t have a choice, after all! 😛

Anyway, I have one product that I want to try out for the skin tightening, stretch marks, blemishes, clogs, skin lines, and so on and so forth that I am experiencing these days. I am not a Biore user at all, and because I got these samples in the mail for free the other day, I am interested to try it and see if it works good on me:


Are any of you Biore users here? How do you like it?

I am a Ponds Cream Philippines patronizer myself for a long time now and today will be the first time of trying out a different beauty skin care product. I hope I won’t look even uglier with this one! Ha ha ha. if I will, then that means I will simply have to deal with my looks! 😀

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