Love ice cream? How about Ube flavor? Well, I do! And it’s been more than two years since the last time I haven’t had some! LoL. I just can’t find such flavor here, wherever store I try to look for! When I was pregnant with my now toddler Triz, it’ s one thing I was so craving for, but no luck at all! Well, last week, I was all smiles (hehe) when finally, a Filipino store here has some Selecta ice cream displayed in her freezers so what else have I done but to get half a gallon of it! It was $9.99, such a small size, but I dare not take a single hesitation of buying one! I am just so full of wants to have a taste of it after so long a time so here, let me share some!

Simply her first time to have a taste of it! Yum!