I regularly take a morning walk every day circling a block or two here in our neighborhood and one of the things that I noticed when I look around during my short-distance-hike are the unique home mailboxes that each homeowners has. I can then conclude how amazing it is to realized that here in the US, there are so many kinds of mailboxes that residents can choose from.

I’m like, “good for those mailbox makers out there as their products are always an “in” because all people prefer different kinds of them!” Isn’t that true?

When you live in your own house, you have the freedom to choose which kind of mailbox you’ll get for your own household. Even those unique wall mounted mailboxes are just so pleasant to see. When you live in apartment like I do, your option is to simply use the mailboxes available that the Land Lord has put up for their tenants. Of course, they are the kinds which are unique mailboxes for condos as well which tenants can’t complain.

In our case, we don’t have any complaints with what we have around here. Since we didn’t buy it ourselves, as long as our mails can get to us safely and on time, there’s nothing to complain at all! How about you, which kind of mailbox do you have?