Just before I gave birth to Baby #2, I decided to upgrade our queen size bed to a bigger one so that when the 4th member of our family arrives, we will fit in one bed altogether as the husband and I both chose to cosleep our daughters. So a king size bed we got a couple months ago!


The huge bed in our naked bedroom

Thanks to the discount we got from getting this– from a $1,399 original price, we paid $799 on the box and pillow top mattress via Save on Furniture store! We only used the metal bed frame as I find it too expensive to buy a wooden bed that I really really like so I said pass on it. I reckoned it won’t be appropriate if we’ll buy an expensive bed when we only live in an apartment as when moving happens, it is an extra job. Plus, since I am arranging to bed next to the wall to maximize our bedroom area, the metal bed frame is just so right.


Made in the USA soft mattress. Yes, it’s good on my back! 😉

Now that there’s four of us to sleep together in a bed, this king size that we have is just perfect! Its 90×80 size is so spacious for us. Baby #2 sleeps in her bassinet on some nights, but on other nights when I feel like just cuddling her, she is the one that occupies the most space of our bed! 😉