Among the many “Congratulations for a new baby” and “Welcome Baby” cards we’ve received for Little Tiara before she came out and after delivery, this one’s my most favorite, not because of the Target Gift Card that came with it, but because it is simply the cutest. What do you think?

It was Coreen, our church clerk, who gave this to us. It came with a $30 worth of Target Gift Card. Not bad. I was actually very appreciative of it. We got this during the baby shower party along with the presents that all attendees gave us. It was a wonderful afternoon at The Churkey’s and I was so thankful for my church family’s gesture. It was the same with my pregnancy with Triz. We were flooded with a lot of gifts that we need not buy more of what we needed as they were already provided. It helped that I had a Baby Registry created, too.

Giving birth is so high tech here in the US. Aside from the procedures done at the doctor’s office on check ups and child delivery per se, the celebration and anticipation is equally high tech and it is very natural that way. Baby showers are not so common back in my home country as only rich people and celebrities do it, but here in the US, even an ordinary citizen like me, gets to be appreciated, loved, and thought of. I am one grateful soul.

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