A wallet is one of the most important thing in my purse. That’s ever since. Even if I don’t have enough cash on it, I still carry it with me wherever I go. Before, I prefer owning just a small one, but now, not anymore! I now adore the bigger ones! Here let me tell you what’s in it:

  • credit & atm cards
  • ID & membership cards
  • a reduced copy of our marriage certificate, 1/4 bond paper size
  • old pictures of swithart & moi
  • pictures of my family & beloved pamangkins
  • another pictures of us three when Triz was born
  • Triz’s pics
  • dollar bills & coins
  • 1 thou, 5 hundred, 1 hundred, & 50 peso bills
  • some other currency that i collect
  • a short sweet love note from swithart that means a lOt
  • a list of important contact numbers
You see, it’s like I am bringing an entire album with me! The same thing with swithart! He even has so much more pics than I do. If I lost my wallet, it would be a terrible thing. I haven’t experienced losing it though and I sure hope I won’t in the future!