A couple weeks ago, I shared about my curtain obsession. That I like buying curtains often as I am the type that changes window curtains very often as well. The last purchase I made was this Christina Collection Voile Panels with Grommets and I have been desiring of putting them on as soon as possible to make our living room brighter for the summer.

1saleaday curtains

Well, last week, I finally was able to replace our green curtains and have the new one hanged. After ironing them to de-wrinkle the fabric from its prolonged press, I thought they look good on our window by the living room.

Just the perfect shade that I wanted, actually!

And of course, my housemates all agreed that the color is beautiful for the summer. So white it makes our living room brighter and cleaner-looking. We only live in an apartment and we don’t have any control at all with the choice of wall colors that we have nor accessorize our unit however I want it to look like. So the challenge of beautifying my home is entirely up to me. I am glad that even with my simple and economical choices, my housemates don’t really mind but even appreciate it!

Now off to the REAL cleaning part! Lol.

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