Today, as I thought of my older sister who is celebrating her birthday and I haven’t given her anything for a present, I have thought of packing up a balikbayan box to be shipped to her, for the first time. See, my balikbayan box send-outs are always addressed to my family in CDO but this time, I’ll address it to my big sister in Davao. This will be special because the husband and I haven’t really planned of sending one right now as it’s not our usual time to do so but brought by the mess in our other room and my desire to get rid of the stuff that we have as I do my spring cleaning soon, I figured this will be a perfect time to pack up a jumbo-size box and drive down to Madison or Milwaukee to ship it.

So now I somehow have a tedious job to do. I’ll aim to do the actual shipping on the last week of this month since it is Spring Break so I will have over a week of packing up. Good luck to me! Let’s see where my packing power will take me! LOL.