I have always loved Blinds for window coverings! When we purchased our house in one of the subdivisions in CDO City, Philippines, I knew right then that I will be using blinds instead of curtains for our windows particularly the shutters kind of blinds. I also considered using vertical blinds in our grilled porch for reasons that I always loved looking at those kinds in banks and offices. It just looks so neat. My mother thinks the same. She even joked at me one time if I can send a package of some window blinds for her. I thought it might be possible, with the selectblinds.com’s on-sale prices right now. The Wood Blinds they have have sizes which I think would fit our windows back home. It would be awesome to purchase some at them, makes you feel your house is being televised, as selectblinds.com is the sole provider of great looking window coverings for the show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. How’s that?