This  is a long overdue post. I just want to make a post about this recent membership rewards that I got for my family. I first was able to take advantage of this rewards plus during our trip to Michigan last March because Wyndham Rewards actually offers discounts on hotel accommodations so for a traveling family like us, it’s absolutely a great deal to grab, right?


There aren’t new travel itineraries for us to happen soon yet as I have juts given birth to our second daughter so as much as I want the remaining days of our summer break be spent somewhere, we couldn’t do it for health and safety reasons mommy and baby-wise! However, with this Wyndham Rewards membership card, I won’t only get to take advantage of hotel stays from far places but from hotels here in our home city where participating hotels are located as well. That being said, I shall go ahead and find for one which I can book for may be a weekend of stay. That should be perfect, right?

Come October, we have a planned road trip to Texas so maybe this rewards card will be put into use as well. It’s still a long time to wait and I definitely will find a way to take advantage of this membership that we have.