The husband has been checking on me regularly if I have all the stuff I need for Baby #2– from all the clothing to diapering to bathing needs. And then he asked me lastly if I have the diaper bag already. I told him I don’t need to buy a new one because my large purses should be good. However, he insisted that I should get one that is comfortable on him since he’s the one carrying it whenever we go out.

Well, Coach Factory online has been having online sales often and I got tempted to get this large Kyra Signature travel tote/ diaper bag when they had it on sale. Since I am the July recipient of this Paluwagan thing that we do for $10/month, I only asked another $40 from the husband to add to the amount that I needed. And I say YAY on this new loot I got! 😀


And sweetheart went again, “What’s up with that bag? That’s not the biggest and yet it is more expensive than a luggage?” He he he… That’s how he always reacts when my being a Coach-aholic attacks! LOL.

Whatever, right? It is expensive, alright, but it is definitely long-lasting, too! And because this is extra large, it is not only perfect as a diaper bag but also a travel tote. And this will be a good souvenir from the Paluwagan share that I got on this month! 🙂

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